A Safer Rental Property

Professional Rental Housing Inspection

Rent Safe Victoria is leading the way for investors and their property portfolio’s  and ensuring investments are maintained for all key stakeholders with the implementation of proposed initiatives by Rent Safe Victoria to help Owners, Landlords & Agents in obtaining the required safety certificates and adhere to the new legislation being released in 2021, by giving all stakeholders a direct path to those safety standards required and one call does it all.

Rental Housing Inspection

If you have safety concerns with your rental property, we can assist you or your landlord and agent to  deal with any issues and take the appropriate action as soon as practicable, we are here to help find a solution to the issues you may have regarding safety of your rental property.

Rent Safe Compliance Certificate

Whether you are a tenant or a property owner, it is important to have a peace of mind that your property is safe for family members and friends from any harmful defects or hazards within the property a  Rent Safe Compliance Certificate gives you that peace of mind for all concerned.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our expert team of fully accredited licensed professionals such as Electricians, Plumbers, Builders and Maintenance Services offer the highest standard of service bar none, so whether you have a minor problem or a larger issue, you can be assured it will be assessed and repaired in a professional manner. 

Rent Safe Facts

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Satisfied Clients

Customers who have utilised Rent Safe Victoria to provide professional services to  their investment properties.

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rent safe compliance certificate

Rent Safe Victoria have advised and provided  information to numerous investors, owners, tenants and real estate agents in understanding the key benefits of obtaining a Rent Safe Compliance Certificate.

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Years Experience

Rent Safe Victoria employee’s and sub contractors have countless years  of experience working within the industry that have overseen a vast array of Safety and Maintenance issues with properties to inspect and offer their professional advice when required.


A Rent Safe Compliance Certificate (RSCC) is a compliance certificate that is obtained for any rental properties built before 2010, our qualified Tradespersons/inspectors would inspect defects or faults in the property, which is then given directly to the property owner or real estate agent acting on behalf of their clients.

About Us

Our Aim

To ensure a streamlined and proactive approach within the Real Estate Industry for the protection of all Investors Properties and their Tenants, whilst maintaining that the safety standards of Rental Properties throughout Victoria is paramount for all concerned. 

Rent Safe Victoria will continue to liaise with the appropriate government departments to achieve those outcomes for the benefit of all key stakeholders.

Our Goal is to achieve the highest standard of safety for all rental properties not only in the state of Victoria but all of Australia.



Rent Safe Victoria is primed in becoming the new way Rental Properties are being maintained to prospective Tenants with the focus of a Safe Environment for all key Stakeholders.


The team at Rent Safe Victoria have over 35 years experience in the Property Sector liasing with Real Estate Agents, Landlords and Tenants on a daily basis to achieve beneficial outcomes for all Industry Participants emphasizing the importance of all safety aspects within the Rental Sector.

Why Choose Us?


Our Company will be the leader in terms of new structure and changes required for the rental market in the future, we are renowned for streamlining all aspects of the property sector for clients with a proactive approach towards establishing a Safer Rental Property for Investors, Tenants and Real Estate Agents alike.


With our continued commitment to a proactive approach we can foresee that Rent Safe Victoria will be the number one established company that investors will turn to for their current needs and will give all Industry Stakeholders a clear understanding of the changes in the Industry to ensure the safety of their investment, whilst maintaining their investment property to the required standard by tenants.


The streamlined approach by Rent Safe Victoria brings a positive attitude for all concerned that in the course of implementing our standards all key stakeholders will be able to reduce their current costs therefore saving substantially in relation to insurance and ongoing maintenance work that will benefit all investors portfolio’s.

Common Issues Renters Encounter


Many old houses can potentially have hazardous substances like Asbestos, long time exposure to asbestos can lead to dangerous diseases and cancer.​

Collapsed Flooring

Many houses, especially old houses can have termite damage to the floor joists underneath the floorboards which can collapse, having an inspection can reduce the risk of unforeseen injuries.

Rising Damp Walls

Damp walls are caused by condensation in the walls caused by moisture absorbed from the ground, it is important to deal with rising damp in walls as the rising damp can cause many illnesses if left untreated early prevention can avoid costly repairs to the property.

Electrical Wiring Issues

Wiring problems in a property can be a very dangerous issue as inhabitants are at grave risk from live open circuits that can cause electrical shocks and fire.

Bathroom Issues

Bathrooms can have a host of problems many different issues like taps leaking and pipe blockages are usually minor, but some have very dangerous issues like this one with the shower recess. 

In this photo you can clearly see the danger of the broken glass surrounding the shower base, that is a safety issue for the tenant.

Exposed Nature Strip

Exposed Holes on the nature strip left by Builders create a clear danger to the tenants and the public.

Cracked Fences

Broken gates and fences can be a pain to fix and landlords or agents don't always take action to fix it, this can leave many rental properties exposed and less secure especially when you have children or pets.

Testimonials from Our Customers

"Thank you Rent Safe for your expertise in making sure our property had the required issues repaired to an excellent standard, the tradesmen were fantastic again many thanks for your help."

Loretta Heaphy
Avondale Heights
"Thanks Rent Safe Victoria for your honesty in assessing our property in such a detailed manner and the work was very good we would have no hesitation in using your services again."

Lois Craggill
St Albans
"I feel so relieved to have Rent Safe looking over the house!
Their professional attitude and the excellent standard of work completed on our rental property in Sunbury was extremely efficient, highly commendable."

Mike Stuart

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The 1% Rule

One popular rule of thumb for ongoing maintenance says that approximately half to one percent of the purchase price of your home should be set aside each year for ongoing maintenance. For example, if your home cost $500,000, you should budget anywhere between $2,000 to 5,000 per year for maintenance depending on the size of the property, single story or double.

That doesn’t mean you will spend $5,000 a year. It just means that on average, over a long period, say ten years or more, you’ll spend around $3,000 annually to fully maintain your property according to this rule of thumb. Some years you may spend far more for instance re-blocking or  a roof replacement for instance, could potentially cost between $8,000 to $15,000. 

 Other years you will spend far less, you may just have some painting, plastering or have to replace a hot water service or cooker, either way if the maintenance is not kept up on your property then as years go by the  repair costs will blowout, so sticking to the One Percent Rule is a good cost cutting benefit in the long term for all investors.

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What if my Landlord refuses to repair my rental

property after having a Building Inspection?

Rent Safe Victoria is working for all industry participants so as they can rest assured all inspections are followed up to the highest standard, if you are having trouble in this area please contact us immediately for assistance.

If my Rental property is not repaired in the

timeframe set out by the Building Inspector do I

have to continue paying rent?

Yes, unfortunately you do unless an agreement has been reached by all parties concerned then you must continue to pay your rent as per the lease agreement.

How long will it take to have my Rental

property repaired after a building inspection?

Once a Building Inspection is carried out and depending on the urgency of repairs assessed by the Building Inspector they should begin within 48 hours of the Rent Safe Compliance Certificate being issued to the landlord and or agent upon which you should be contacted by either the landlord or agent to arrange a suitable time for repairs.

What if my children get sick because of the time

to have repairs completed who is responsible

for any out of pocket expenses I may incur?

There are avenue’s for all participants to claim any incurred costs for any losses such as VCAT and at this point in time Rent Safe Victoria is working towards a better solution to help minimise any costs on behalf of all participants.